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Rafael Aducayen

I’m a banker and a father to an active 10 year old boy who loves taekwondo, swimming and making a mess for us to clean up! My background: I’ve been doing triathlons for the last 7 years; having done 770.3s and 3 Ironman races; also bits and pieces often doing races like a 5 kilometer open water swim, and a couple of marathons. I met Coach Dax through joining 3P so I decided to finally go under his wings. 

Throughout my life, I enjoyed sports but this is the first time I’m using a coach. I know why now after all the races that I’ve already completed well over time you will question yourself is it time to retire from the sport when you have that same progression. You ask yourself if I can even do better after nearly failing my recent Ironman race so I contacted Coach Dax and asked him to help me. All of this starting from mental toughness, he helped me focus on what’s important. He gives me my training time to fit my family time and life responsibilities. More importantly, he got me back to basics. 

He made me understand why I race. In training, I used to believe that you do just put in 100%, but he made me understand why I have to do that to myself. He also made me understand the nutritional needs of the body to perform your best. I was ecstatic over this! On race day I race without thinking! Basically I just turned up there did not expect anything; I JUST WANTED TO RACE AND ENJOY THE MOMENT! That’s one of the many things that he taught me – don’t think of it as a race just enjoy on what you’re doing that a lot of people cannot do but they’re able to do given the time and the support from the family. I went in there, got my personal best after being 7 years older! I am very happy with that result so I consider him as a brother with his family approach in his coaching style with phenomenal understanding the normal age group of athletes. I thank Coach Dax for this. I’m better than yesterday. I am focused. I understand it’s me it’s me versus me early so I trust coach Dax! Congrats! 

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