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I did it yesterday in 2 hours 59minutes

Ian Saberola

Hi guys, my name is Ian Saberola. A little more than a month ago, I contacted Coach Dax, and I told him that I had done a thing that I had signed up for a half Ironman, and I needed his help to get ready for it. So before that happened, like half a year before, I had done a half Ironman in Oregon, and my finish time was 7 hours 10 minutes, and that was with an assisted down river swim. So this time I signed up for another half Ironman, and I told Coach I want to do better than what I did in Oregon. In that one, I was just doing my own thing, you know, running, swimming, cycling, but I knew I wanted to do better than that, and so I approached Coach Dax. And at this point, we only had less than 40 days to train for the event, because I signed up so close to it. And let me tell you, just from a 7-hour 10 minute race, that first time without any coaching from him, I did my race yesterday in 6 hours 36 minutes. And this is a lake swim. There is no current that is helping me.

That was all me swimming back. Same with the bike, same with the run. And my bike at the previous race was 3 hours 22 minutes. I did it yesterday in 2 hours 59 minutes. My run was 2 hours 49, yesterday was 2 hours 16. So that is significant. And you might say, oh, I can just, you know, can I just follow a training plan or can I look up an internet training guide and just all of that? Yes, of course you can. But the beauty of having a coach is having someone provide feedback because you can practice all you want, you can swim all you want, but unless your technique is correct, your gains would just be marginal. They won’t be as good as they could be. And we’re already going to be doing an event, you know, that we’re pushing ourselves to our limits. So why not equip yourselves as best as you can and just crush those goals. So yesterday, I totally crushed my goal. I just wanted to be under 7. And then the secret goal of, okay, I want to do 645. I did it in 636. That feeling, I wish that everyone will have that feeling of turning around, looking at the clock and seeing how well you did. So yes, if you’re thinking of getting a coach, you have come to the right place, and Coach Dax is that person and what I love with working with Coach Dax is he really works with you. He just isn’t assigned, oh, here’s your training block, do it, report to me at the end of the week. Every time I do a workout, he asks me for the feedback, tell me how you felt about that. How was it? And I give him the feedback and he tailor things so that it works to strengthen the areas that I really need help with, that I struggle with. So he tailors the plan specifically to my needs. And it’s not all encompassing, it did not, training did not take over my life. I am a full, I work full time, long 12-hour shifts, and I am a grad student, also full time. And I had to fit training within my already busy life. But again, it did not take over my life. And that’s the beauty of having a coach who understands that triathlon is something that adds to our lives and reaches it but should not overtake everything else.

I highly recommend working with Coach Dax and you will definitely crush your goals. Work with him, help him, help you, and you will be enjoying your training, and you will be enjoying the race. Not just when you cross the finish line, but even during the race, you get to enjoy it. And so that’s how I felt yesterday. And I know that you’ll be able to feel that as well, if you put in the work and you get to enjoy the race day.

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