it’s only hard cause it’s new

“Embracing new challenges and opportunities for growth.”

Greetings, I’m Coach Dax, an Ironman Certified Coach, Chef, EQF Level 5 Nutritionist, and life coach—your dedicated partner in the #zone2yourlife journey.

My introduction to triathlon at 16 shaped my perspective on training, emphasizing the importance of a well-balanced approach. Overcoming my own challenges, I’ve learned that sustainable success requires a thoughtful strategy, not brute force.

Having fine-tuned my approach in the US since 2005, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and fostering a holistic balance in athletes’ lives. My coaching philosophy blends science with customized plans, considering daily responsibilities to achieve health, fitness excellence, or even Kona world championship aspirations.

Embracing the mantra “go slow to go fast,” my commitment lies in crafting plans that empower athletes, reduce injuries, and push boundaries. My vision is centered on enhancing physical and mental well-being, transforming athletes into motivated, engaged, and empowered individuals.

Worry about yourself #doyou:

“Focus on your own progress and growth.”

My coaching system revolves around Zone 2 – fat burning and aerobic capacity training, epitomized by #zone2yourjourney. Small adaptations, permanent mutations—my taglines “It’s Only Hard Because It’s New” and “Zone 2 Your Journey” embody a guiding principle for clients to become their best selves.

Inspiring vision statements include achieving balance, fueling motivation, investing in today for a better tomorrow, embracing small adaptations, and making #zone2yourjourney towards a healthier life.


“Guiding you towards a balanced and healthy life.”

My vision is to establish a balanced plan that caters to the physical and mental well-being of my athletes, helping them to increase their power, decrease the likelihood of injuries, and fuel their motivation to push themselves beyond their previous limits. I want to see my athletes become balanced, empowered athletes.

My coaching system is based on Zone 2 – fat burning and aerobic capacity training. I believe that small and little adaptation leads to permanent mutation. That’s why I adopted #zone2yourjourney, a guiding principle for my clients to become the best versions of themselves.

My taglines are “Zone 2 Your Journey,” “Worry About Yourself #doyou,” and “It’s Only Hard Because It’s New.”

Here are five vision statements that inspire my clients:

  1. Achieve balance and empowerment through a holistic approach to fitness.
  2. Fuel your motivation to push beyond your limits.
  3. Invest in your training today for a better race day tomorrow.
  4. Small adaptations lead to permanent mutations in your fitness journey.
  5. #zone2yourjourney: Your path to a healthier life.