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Damian Malek

I’ve been with Coach Dax for about 12 months now. I really enjoyed his Zone 2 Training because of this I’m able to perform well. To make it short, the race day is the most important of course for any athlete. Before I was unable to perform during the race while training days were great – whether it’s swimming biking running – I was able to do it but it’s three months training four months training I was doing really great but come the race day, and almost every time, I was crashing! It will either be massive problems such as stomach problems or other issues, I was not able to perform on a race day so that was really frustrating. 

SINCE I’VE BEEN WITH COACH DAXTHAT HAS CHANGED. I had 4 races right now and each time I was able to finally copy what I’ve been doing on the training day. I finished big! I just finished few weeks ago a very tough Big Surmarathon and it was extremely difficult but once I crossed the finish line I knew I could go farther. There were no problems, I could run more. I did not have massive problems, no issues at all. I FELT REALLY STRONG from start to finish and I have to give the credit to coach Dax – his coaching method, his experience really shows every time so if you are lucky that he agrees to be your coach, you are in good hands! 

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