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I'm a client at Coach Dax

Brian Wagner

My name is Brian. I’m a client at Coach Dax. I’m 48 years old and relatively new to triathlons and endurance sports. I began running sometime in my 40s. I did my first triathlon just over two years ago at the pumpkin man in Las Vegas in 2021. Prior to that I had swam in the open water maybe two to three times and I’ve done maybe about six practice rides before that triathlon and after that hill on pumpkin man it was almost my last triathlon. Like I imagine many people who are getting into the sport. I just downloaded some workouts and essentially brute forced my way through some cardio endurance.

I had no training or idea about proper technique on any of the three disciplines. For swimming I only knew how to do the brush stroke. So for any of you doing the Las Vegas triathlons if you saw some guy, one of the last ones out of the water who was doing the brush stroke is this guy. So after six sessions over the course of six weeks I felt comfortable enough to do freestyle in an actual triathlon event which was the Las Vegas triathlon Olympic distance in 2023. I was able to do freestyle the entire distance which was a huge win for me, and this was amazing progress and I’m actually starting to enjoy swimming. So then after my success with swimming it was time to start working on biking. So any of you who were doing any of the Las Vegas triathlons if you saw one of the slowest guys on the bike wearing sneakers and toe cages, this guy. So Dax did an assessment on my form in the bike. He completely changed my setup. Now my aero positioning is so much more comfortable.

I’m engaging my legs completely differently than I was. My average pace especially in Z2 has been getting faster and faster so I’m really excited about my progress and what that’s going to do to my speed in 2024. I also hit up Dax on general fitness and nutrition goals. Let’s face it those triathlon suits not flattering. The finisher picks not really share worthy. So he put together a nutrition plan and I’m feeling healthier and stronger than I ever have. I was doing my run the other day and I was able to just do a half marathon distance. No preparation it was just a casual workout run. If two years ago you were to ask me if I would have ever thought that would have been in a shape just to go up and do a half marathon casually. I would have thought you were crazy. The last thing I want to say about Dax is about his optimism. He can definitely inspire you and push you to do more than you previously thought. So this year in 2024 I’ve already signed up for two Olympic distance triathlons. I signed up for two 70.3 half Ironman’s. Maybe just maybe I might sign up for a full. I said maybe Dax maybe. So for anyone who is new to triathlons or you just want to get better at any of the three disciplines whether your goal is to be on the podium or if it’s just to get better and feel healthier so you can enjoy the sport more there’s no one that I would recommend more than Coach Dax to help you through that journey.

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