geraldine timbol

minded professionals to inspire individuals to lead active and fulfilling lives. Her experience in disease management adds a unique dimension to her coaching approach, allowing her to tailor programs to individuals who are looking to return to fitness levels after being sick.

Sports Nutritionist:

As an EQF Level Five Sports Nutritionist, Geraldine understands the vital role nutrition plays in optimizing athletic performance. Her knowledge and dedication to helping athletes achieve their goals shine through in her personalized nutrition plans and coaching strategies.


Geraldine completed her EQ training in May 2024, further enhancing her ability to connect with clients on an emotional level and support their holistic well-being.


geraldine timbol

Registered Nurse, Triathlon Coach | Co-owner of Timbol Multi-Sport, Health, & Wellness LLC

Geraldine is a dynamic force within the realm of health and wellness coaching. As a dedicated wife, loving mother, and seasoned triathlete, she brings a wealth of experience and passion to the table.

Nursing Career:

With a full-time career as a registered nurse, Geraldine embodies compassion and expertise in caring for others.

Coaching Approach:

In addition to her nursing role, Geraldine co-owns Timbol Multi-Sport, Health, & Wellness LLC, where she collaborates with a team of like-
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